Dia duit (that’s “hello" if you don’t have the Gaeilge). So, you’ve found my home page. Come in and make yourself at home. It’s a pity I can’t pour you a pint, but I can tell you what you can find in here. There’s a bit about meself, mostly lies written by a publicist, but sure flattery will get you anywhere. If you’d like to know more about my novels about Ballybucklebo, Doctors Laverty and O’Reillly, and the rest of the eejits who live there, there’s stuff about that.

And if you like unaccompanied Celtic singing try listening to the songs recorded by a young woman with a voice like an angel. I have to say that. She’s my daughter, Sarah, but she can surely sing.

I hope you enjoy your trip and then go and buy the books. I only get a couple of dollars a copy but sure every little helps keep the wolf from the door.

Thanks for coming. Slán leat or goodbye, and don’t be a stranger. Feel free to come and visit any time…and bring your friends.

iI was told some folks who are enjoying the Irish Country series have asked for a Christmas story so I’ve written one. Like the rest of the books I’ve added a list of unfamiliar words and a recipe—one simple enough for kiddies to make without risking burning down the whole house.
I hope you enjoy this. It comes with my wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Patrick Taylor,
Salt Spring Island,
British Colombia.

Link to 'Sleigh Bells Ring' by Patrick taylor

An Irish Country Doctor was a New York Times best-seller in hard back. In trade paper it was a best seller in Canada and on both the NY Times and USA Today lists. The audiobook edition was released by MacMillan in June 2009. The Irish/UK hard back edition was released by Brandon Press Nov 4th 2008. The paper back edition was released June 2 2009.

The second book in the series, An Irish Country Village, was released on February 5th 2008 in Hard Cover as well as an audio book. Patrick discusses An Irish Country Village, mp3 file available by clicking here. It was released in trade paper in February 2009.

Brandon Press released the Irish/UK hard back edition in 2009 and the paper back edition in 2010. Village became a Globe and Mail best seller.

An Irish Country Christmas Was released as a trade paper edition in 2009 and will be as mass market paper in Canadian and US editions Nov 2 2010. It too was a Globe and Mail best seller.

Here's a video of the Irish village that inspired all the Irish Country books.

An Irish Country Girl was published in hard back in January 2010 and became a Globe and Mail best seller. It is available as an audio book and will be released in trade paper January 4th 2011

An Irish Country Courtship will be released September 28 2010. It will be available in audio format.

Book six in the Irish Country series is nearing completion.

All of the Irish Country series are or will be available in e-book format.








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