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The latest in the beloved series by New York Times bestselling author

Patrick Taylor takes readers back to the medical student days of a popular character…



“Quietly, almost surreptitiously, Patrick Taylor has become probably the most popular Irish-Canadian writer of all time.”
The Globe and Mail


“With an unerring eye for detail, the talents of a natural storyteller, and the ability to pepper his anecdotes with large doses of wit and humor, Patrick Taylor has written a delightful novel.” —Calgary Herald on An Irish Country Doctor


“Taylor…is a bang-up storyteller who captivates and entertains from the first word.”

Publishers Weekly on An Irish Country Girl


Though there are those who would consider him to be as much a native of the village as themselves, Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly didn’t always live and practice in the little town of Ballybucklebo… In An Irish Country Doctor (Forge 2008), Patrick Taylor introduced us to the blustery, oft-prickly Dr. O’Reilly, mentor to the recently graduated Dr. Barry Laverty, and the rest of the charming residents of the small Northern Irish town in the 1960s, and was embraced by critics and fans alike. Now the sixth entry in the New York Times bestselling series, A DUBLIN STUDENT DOCTOR (A Forge Hardcover; $24.99; On sale: October 10, 2011), takes us further back in time to Dublin in the 1930s, when Fingal O’Reilly was just beginning his medical career.

In A DUBLIN STUDENT DOCTOR, Patrick Taylor tells the story of the final two years of O’Reilly’s time as a medical student at Trinity College Dublin. Contrary to the deliberately distanced attitude common to the time—and to the veteran doctors who oversee his training—O’Reilly takes a strikingly personal approach to his patients. He quickly discovers a passion for helping the poverty-stricken inhabitants of Dublin’s tenements, and develops close relationships with many of them. Going against the wishes of his disapproving father, O’Reilly is determined to become the best doctor that he can be—if only he can pass all of his exams on time! But the path to becoming an M.D. is not easy, and O’Reilly must balance his commitment to obtaining his medical degree not only with his zeal for rugby, but also with his deep and powerful affection for a young nurse named Kitty O’Hallorhan.

While inside the high walls of Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital, O’Reilly is learning important medical skills—ranging from differentiating the types of heart murmurs to delivering a baby—outside Ireland’s borders, the events leading up to the Second World War simmer and threaten to boil over. Additionally, when someone close to him falls seriously ill, O’Reilly must reconcile the cold reality of his medical knowledge with the pain of watching a loved one fade away and being helpless to stop it.

Supported by a colorful cast of fellow students, doctors, country folk, and tenement-dwellers, O’Reilly makes his way through the trials and tribulations of a medical student on the cusp of graduation, as well as of a young man coming into his own. It is with their help, in addition to his natural determination, that he may be able to weather the many changes that are soon to come.

Patrick Taylor’s longtime work as a doctor, combined with his Irish heritage, has led him to craft a winning novel that will appeal to readers of all ages, genders, and interests. Long-time readers will especially enjoy learning more about the backstory of one of Taylor’s most beloved and memorable characters, and readers new to the series will delight in a warm-hearted portrait of a young doctor coming of age in his chosen profession. At once comic and sincere, A DUBLIN STUDENT DOCTOR is a charming tale of an Ireland now gone but never forgotten, and will infuse with warmth even the chilliest of fall evenings.



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An Irish Country Doctor, An Irish Country Village, An Irish Country Christmas, An Irish Country Girl, and An Irish Country Courtship



                        A DUBLIN STUDENT DOCTOR

Written by Patrick Taylor

Narrated by John Keating

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