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An Irish Country Doctor
“This book is written with compassion and hilarity about a community whose inhabitants are as wonderful and loony as any on earth…A grand read from a grand man”
Malachy McCourt, New York Times bestselling author of A Monk Swimming

“In a style joyously reminiscent of James Herriot, Dr. Taylor conjures up the rural Irish town of Ballybucklebo that is a pleasure to visit and very difficult to leave…I can hardly wait for more.”
- Daniel Kalla,
internationally bestselling author of Rage Therapy

“A fun look at a small Northern Ireland village filled with delightful eccentric characters…A lighthearted tale that readers will enjoy.”
- Harriet Klausner

“At last! Here is an authentic Northern Ireland voice telling down-to-earth stories that could have happened anywhere on the island. A full cupboard of delightful characters, both human and animal, enrich every page. Quirky, funny, and deeply moving by turns, Taylor’s writing perfectly captures the language and characters of Ulster in times gone by.”
- Morgan Llywelyn New York Times bestselling author of The Last Prince of Ireland

“With an unerring eye for detail, the talents of a natural storyteller and the ability to pepper his anecdotes with large doses of wit and humor, Patrick Taylor has written a delightful novel.”
- Calgary Herald

“Wraps you in the sensations of a vanished time and place.”
- Vancouver Sun

“A straitlaced novice doctor gets initiated into the unorthodox world of a crafty rural sawbones in Taylor’s American debut… Taylor’s novel makes for escapist, delightful fun.”
-Publishers Weekly

“The town is an easy place for readers to sink into…with likable characters and atmospheric dialogue…A sweetly affable story.”
-Kirkus Reviews

ONLY WOUNDED: Ulster Stories
Only Wounded, Pat Taylor’s stained-glass window to the recent. Bloody past of Ireland’s “Troubles” qualifies in every respect as historical fiction presented by a gifted and articulate interpreter.

Each story is a panel of the whole, each character a clear-edged segment of the overall effect produced by the backlight of powerful narration.

Taylor took me into an Ireland I had never known, and reminded me why the Celts are storytellers first and foremost: because the human condition never changes…ordinary people like ourselves, caught up in extraordinary times and fighting circumstances that dwarf and threaten, but fail to destroy them.
Jack Whyte
Best-selling author of the Dream of Eagles series

Hearing the gentle lilt of an Irish voice I forget the bombs, and hearing of the bombs I forget the gentle voices.

It is so hard to understand the knot. Did it begin in 1155 or 1914? Who cast the first stone?

Using his heart’s sleeve Patrick Taylor rubs at the dark glass, and clearing just enough misty porthole he lets us glimpse into Ireland’s terrible confusion of passion.

Nick Bantock
Best Selling author of Griffin and Sabine

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